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The Open Class

The Open Class is a Bible Study class that seeks to discover the practical, applicable truths of the Bible.  We are part of First Baptist Church of Raytown, Missouri, but our class is open to ANYONE regardless of church affiliation, age or marital status.


The class is taught by Dan Hurst, a Bible student who has been teaching the Bible for 30 years.  You'll find his fresh, insightful view of the Bible to be challenging, thought provoking, and life changing!


Will I Fit In?

Of course!  This is not a class of clones.  This is a class of people from all walks of life.  We all have different experiences, different lifestyles, and different viewpoints.  That's what makes it an Open Class!


But I'm not a Baptist!


No problem!  A very large percentage of the participants aren't either!  It's one of the things that makes the class so much fun and rewarding.  This is not a class that tries to make everyone a Baptist.  It's not about denominations.  It's about understanding the Bible.


Do I have to join anything?


Nope.  You won't even be asked to.


Do I have to pay anything?


Nope.  But you'll find some interesting projects that you may want to be a part of or help support.  Projects like:


  • Foreign Mission Teams from the class that go to build churches or schools or community centers in our communities.  We even have some foreign missionaries in our class.
  • Divorce Care - a compassionate, gentle program to help the divorced rebuild their lives.
  • And we're always looking for other ministry projects to get involved in.


What can I expect on my first visit?


A large class of friendly people from all walks of life who are excited about discovering fresh truths from the Word of God.

  • A lot of other people visiting for the first time.
  • A stimulating and challenging Bible Study.
  • A really good looking teacher.  OK, not that good looking, but he thinks he is!
  • You will not be asked to stand and introduce yourself.
  • You will not be singled out in any way.
  • No pressure to come back.
  • We don't take your name down and harass you to return.  We figure if the class meets your needs, you will be back.


Where does the Bible Study meet?


You'll find us in the ROC Building - the Recreational Outreach Center on the back side of the church building.  Enter through any of the main entrances and you'll find us in The Atrium: the large round room in the center of the building.  There are several information booths throughout the church where you can stop and ask for directions.


What time does the Bible Study meet?


We start class at 11:00 AM.  That gives everyone plenty of time to get to the class after the 9:30 AM Worship Service, to get a cup of coffee, and get a seat.  Class is over at Noon.  And if you'd like to stay for Sunday Brunch, the ROC Cafe serves an excellent one beginning at 12:30 PM.


Are the Bible Studies available online?


Yes they are!  You can check the Bible Studies section of this website for outlines of the Bible studies, and some audio of some of the studies.  You can also check out http://www.openclassvideos .us/ for some video clips of some of the studies.